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Working on Following Through

Being an event manager really has its way of taking up all of your time, sometimes without you even really knowing it. There are so many aspects about my job that I do enjoy, but one thing that I have come to be weary of is my ability to so easily pour myself into the work and make excuses for why I don’t follow through with things personally.

Over the last two years I have traveled the journey of learning to love to run. It hasn’t always been easy and because of my own short comings, it has mainly been a journey I have done alone, because if I don’t follow through the only person I am failing is me and I have been ok with that, but not anymore.


I have to start giving myself a bit more credit and start worrying about when I do fail myself and the goals I have set before me. Grae and I were talking last night about how I have to care enough about the goals I have set, like the shows I do each year. I have to make the time and I have to put in the effort.

These last few days that I have spent running I have slept better, been more productive, and been able to let go of the day’s stresses a bit more easily. It is to my benefit if I follow through. Here’s hoping that 2014 is the best follow through year all around, in work goals and personal goals!

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