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So my friend from high school, Steph, got me quite excited about the idea of coming home and seeing the wildflowers. Now of the benefits to living “out in the boonies” is that wild flowers during this time of the year grow all over, but to find the real special places you have to make a bit of a trip. So about thirty minutes even farther East from where we live my Dad and I took a car ride to find this specific spot (Shell Creek) he had taken me once when I was little. I remember the trip so vividly because it was one of the only times that it was just me and my Dad with my Mum being away for the weekend. My Dad spent a lot of his twenties living in the mountains so he loves spending time out in places deserted and surrounded by nature. At some stage in life he passed this love onto me, whether it was this outing when I was little or not I don’t quite remember, but today when driving out on Highway 58 I felt completely at home. The moment we turned down this side road I flashed back to driving in my Dad’s beat up Ford truck with the windows down and the country music playing (which I truly despised at the time). The differences of the day were we are both a bit older now, we had a lot more to talk about, we weren’t in that truck (its long gone now); but the similarities were that just like I did when I was little I was getting to spend some quality time with Dad that I loved, country music was playing (and this time I didn’t despise it), and the flowers were just as beautiful as I remember. These photos don’t do it justice by any means. I love coming back here. Thanks Steph for the great idea!

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  1. Steph says:

    Oh how beautiful! Wow, what a difference from when I went a month ago or whenever that was! Great pics:)

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