Everyday Musings

Water and Light


There is something about water and light no matter what form they come in that attracts me and causes me to stare. There is something about the elements as separate entities as well as when they are together. Have you ever looked out over the ocean when there is a full moon? Every time it takes my breath away. Or maybe possibly seen a candle behind a water glass and the reflection it makes all over the room? It amazes me how beautiful something can be when coming from two simplistic elements. In some ways I see it as our own lives when interacting with those around us. Certain specific meetings. Divine encounters. Specific purposes for meeting certain people. There is something that can leave you in awe after situations like this, just like the water and the light. When I really look at it though I think what leaves me in awe about the water and the light and moments of the day to day life is the One who is behind it all. He is the One who truly leaves me in awe.

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