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Vegas in 48 Hours

A couple of weeks ago Graeme and I got the chance to celebrate two good friends and their union into marriage. For this wonderful event we traveled to Las Vegas and this would be Graeme’s first time to Sin City and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

Our adventure started by having to taxi on the airstrip in Vegas till our gate was cleared while sitting in front of the party row; informed the whole plane they had been drinking all day to prep for their weekend…brilliant idea.

Once we got out of the plane and into the terminal Graeme’s first statement is, “there are slot machine’s in airport?” I knew going forward this was just going to be so much fun to see his shock and awe face and it totally was! Our weekend continued on with people watching in the taxi line for about an hour, walking down the strip late at night, getting to see the human body exhibit (that Grae is still talking about!), celebrating with Tiffany and Larry in the “world’s largest limo”, and getting to see the Bellagio fountain go off!

It was a great jaunt over to Vegas and I think Grae had a pretty good time himself and is still in a bit of shock from the whole experience! Enjoy a few snapshots of our adventure!

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