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Under the Wellington Sun

I enjoy movies. Most of my friends can testify to this. One movie that I put towards the top (a movie in which I am able to watch over and over) is; Under the Tuscan Sun. This movie follows the life of a female writer, whose husband cheats on her, she gets a divorce, and ends up taking a holiday to Italy only to move there. Movies that I am able to watch time and time again usually are ones that I can relate to. Now I may have never been married, been cheated on, divorced, and moved to Italy, but my life has had its rocky moments and I am currently not living in my own country! As I follow this woman in her story there are 2 key moments for me when watching. One is when she is listing off her wishes for the home she has just bought in Italy. The second (at the end of the film) is when an outside person reminds her of her wishes and how they have all come true. These past few weeks have been a bit harder than normal. But something that I have taken the time to do is to look back on my desires and wishes that I have put before God. I have taken the time to look back and see where God and I have walked and where we are walking currently. I have taken the time to allow Him access to my heart and all that is buried there. Even though I know He can already see it and He already knows it there is something about the willingness to give Him access there. God already sees my heart. He has seen my human heart with its human hurts, but the wonderful thing about being His child is that He is able to encourage you on. He is able to pick you up, carry you if He must, or help you to stand and encourage you on to what He has for you. The lessons and the journey all play a part; a part of growing closer to Him, trusting Him more than the day before, and a willingness to die to ourselves and embracing who He had in mind when He fashioned us. Frances (lead woman in Under the Tuscan Sun) had all her wishes and fulfillment’s played out in a 2 hour span where as I, do not know the result of my start; but the refreshing thing is my story is real. My wishes are real. My desires are real. And I serve a God who is ever real and ever present and aware of these wishes. So I will continue living the beautiful day to beautiful day. Being present to Him and being myself in this great exciting adventure…my real live version of Under the Tuscan Sun.

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