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Tylenol PM

It is days like this were I just want to quit life (if that were possible). Not to die, just to quit. To stop being…just for a few days.

It has been a rough week and everything I touch seems to fall a part or really not go the way I expect. I have taken things a bit more personally. I am easily hurt. And I am lost in my own thoughts. And yet this is where I believe God steps in with His humor and by His humor I mean creating me.

I have kept a bottle of Tylenol in my desk for weeks such as this when my head begins to throb and I can’t just seem to think straight. Well here I am feeling the onset of another pain throbbing day and go to pull out my little cute travel size bottle and for whatever reason I look at it a bit more closely. Right next to the word Tylenol is a minuscule “pm”. I started to laugh. Not only had it been a bit rough go of a week, but I had felt so incredibly tired at work and couldn’t figure out why. I had been getting my 7 to 8 hours. Drinking loads of water. One cup of coffee in the morning. I should be good as gold right? Nope. Not when you take 2 or 3 of these beauties!

Something about laughter breaks away a bit of the tension I carry within myself. I could blame the moment on the fact that I dyed my hair blonde in high school and the dye just somewhat seeped into my thought process 😉 or the fact that I am working my way to blind (my eye sight truly is that poor). Or maybe it was the fact that I just couldn’t resist the cute little bottle and paid no real attention to what it was I was picking up to ease the tension within my head. Whatever it was laughing truly was the best kind of cure-all for a week like this.

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  1. ~S~~~~~ says:

    now that is FUNNY!!! you goose!

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