Everyday Musings

True North

Nothing will ever be the same
I tend to be a person of change
Yet sometimes I just wish things would stay the same
Looking behind
Looking forward
The truth is inevitable
Things will never stay the same
Pain happens
Joy enters in
Offence will occur
Looking to You the True North
Will be what stays the same
But this life of change
This life of change will continue to change
Things will never be the same
Going forward is the only option
Looking behind will do nothing
Nothing but lay the foundation for what is to come
So here is to you change
Here is to you and all you bring
Here is to the joys and anguish you bring
This rain of change has never felt so refreshing
Here is to you My True North
My constant in the change

One thought on “True North”

  1. The Booters says:

    Could not have more appropriate at the moment with my current mood. it was beautiful…thanks

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