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Topic of Conversation

So over the last three weeks a topic has come out when telling people about this last year. The idea that I left thinking life would stop and I would come back right back to how things were. That was never my mentality. Often Kristin and I talked about how life was going on “without” us and that there were certain life moments that we would not be a part of…things we would miss out…memories we would never have. Another odd element to the mix is that even though life went on here, so did our lives down there. When people tell me stories or events I have an idea or concept of what they are talking about. However, when I start to tell a story I have to give the “background” information before actually telling the story; so that the story can be understood. So my frustration is not that life continued on here (that is exciting!) the frustration is that life went on somewhere else with me in a part of it. I guess this means in time I will have to become a good storyteller!

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