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To Live Would be an Awfully Big Adventure

I was rummaging through a lot of my old college work this past week and re-read over my media crit paper I wrote my junior year of college (basically a mini thesis) and for back then I am pretty proud of what I put out, dissecting the story of Peter Pan and Neverland and Wendy the wonderful story teller.

My junior year of college was more or less a growing up year for me. Letting the past be the past, growing into new friendships, coming to a shocking reality that college wouldn’t be lasting forever. It was great fuel for my paper where I took the angle of a girl who had the choice to either be a child forever or take a risk and grow up to see what would be of her life.

I totally feel like Wendy these days, in between that choice. And some days (more than I would like to admit) I have to remind myself to take the grown up way when I so desperately want to take the child like way…I have learned so much from taking both roads at different points. So here’s to living the big adventure with grown up choices and the little kid moments!

One thought on “To Live Would be an Awfully Big Adventure”

  1. Beth McDermott says:

    welcome back to neverland, pan the man. 😉

    also- my little brother is obsessed with peter pan, or more so the entire movie ‘hook.’ he got a ‘bangarang’ tatood on his arm. adorable.

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