Everyday Musings

To All The Boys Who Break Girls Hearts

*(And let me preface this with, I do know that girls to break boys hearts, but this little blip is specifically dedicated to the other way around.)

We often find you foolish, mean, and down right hurtful. However, let me make myself very clear most of us don’t die like you think we do. We are talented, beautiful, and full of life. What may feel as though an eternity to us will not last and one day in the midst of living our lives, it’s gone. The hurt and the pain that has robbed us of but a few moments (in all reality) is gone. You shape us to be even more exquisite then when you first encountered us. I feel sorry for those of you who continue to live your heartbreaking ways, but to those of you who learn from it I hope you learn to love in a deeper and far more meaningful way and are in turn loved back unconditionally.

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