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The Windy Roads of the South

There are no words to describe how I am left in awe of this country that I have been living in this past year. As Kristin and I drive around in our (affectionately known as Stella) car, we sit in silence and just stare out onto everything that is before us. The view that you are currently looking at is the place we have been staying at the last two nights, Wanaka. Its a quite little town situated on the lake with an amazing view of the bluffs. It is the kind of place that I would love to hang a hammock between the willow trees that line the lake and read away my day!

Kristin and I are doing a lot of recalling these days, as Stella is a super special car with limited radio and no other form of sound, so silence and conversing is what we do 🙂 God has done so much for us and within us over this year that leaving is a bit unsettling, but as we have realized, the people we have made our lives with over this year are going on, the lives of those we left behind last year are going on, and our lives continue to go on. Even though we feel a bit of a stand still we know we are moving forward. I don’t have it all together (go figure!) and don’t ever plan on “having it together” but I am at peace with moving forward, making steps of faith and trusting that these steps will only lead me closer to the God I love, and being a part of my greatest journey…

Lots of thoughts…not all coming out the best tonight. But there you have it…a simple girl’s thoughts on a cold spring night on a small little island down in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sweet Dreams.

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