Everyday Musings

The Pink Outnumber the Yellow

Have you ever felt like you are on a bus moving quickly away from something important?
It is exactly how I feel in these present days
Its as though you are about to take one of the biggest chances of your life and you are told to go
Why do I feel as though I am the only one supposed to get on the bus?
Why is it that I wish someone was following my bus not wanting to let me go, yet I know they are not?
Some much change
So little time
So many questions
With no answers in sight
A journey is a near
But the journey afar is all of what I desire
It makes the most sense
It has the most peace
But there is something within me that wishes you were following my bus.
But I know I am still waiting for my pink.
The pink out number the yellow.
I believe that.
I walk into that.
I trust that.
So on the bus I go.
Doing my best to not look behind.

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