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Sydney is a city like so many cities I have traveled through before. What makes the difference is having friends to share the experiences with. Kristin and I have been so fortunate to have our friend Will along for the ride and his sense of humor and love of life and people adds so much to this place. We have done several of the touristy things…toured the Opera House, ridden a ferry to Manly beach, walked all over the place, and tomorrow Kristin and I are going on an all day excursion around beaches and bays, should be a lot of fun!

We have had several chances to talk about our travels; long term and short term. The reality of traveling for me is that I love it regardless of the circumstances. I may not always like living out of a bag, but the life skills that I gain from it, the people that I get to meet and hear their stories…nothing replaces that for me. I am so fortunate to being doing this. I am so blessed that this is the life that I get to lead. I am blessed for this season and hopefully many more to come. Sydney is beautiful and warm in its own way, but I am glad that we get to return to New Zealand before coming home. It just wouldn’t seem right to return home from any other place in the world after this incredible year. Well off to have a few more adventures before the sun sets…Hope all is well with you wherever you are in the world.

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