Everyday Musings

Sweet Melody

This church is the center of Nelson, New Zealand. Many of the major cities within New Zealand have a church that they were built around. When we were hiking around Nelson and around this church I found myself drawn to a little tiny vent around the side the building itself. As I got closer and closer I heard some of the most beautiful music coming from within. We were not allowed to go inside and listen as I discovered, so I crouched near the vent and listened to my hearts content. My God is like this church in this city, but within my life. No matter how lost, how tired, how frustrated, how confused, how satisfied, how thankful He is where I look. He is where I turn and from Him my help comes and my joy is restored. But He is also like the music in my life. I have people who come up to me who tell me they are encouraged by me, that they love me, and are so thankful for me; which may be very true…but I know what they love more. They love Him. Whether they know Him or not, they love Him and the sweet melody He plays within my life. I often find myself just standing near people so I can listen to the melody playing within them…I am drawn to it and therefore stand allowing my soul to take in what is being played. He never promised an easy journey, He never promised a quick journey…if anything the Scriptures affirm that it is a difficult journey; 2 Samuel talks about David having to walk a long long journey, but the sweetness that comes from these times remind me that I can walk through anything and I can go through anything. I look forward to discovering more places like this church in Nelson that brought me a sense of hope. I look forward to God being this sense of hope for others through me, because it is hardly ever my own sweet melody that comes from within, but His sweet melody written through me.

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