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Sweet Adelaide

I can’t believe we are going on almost three months of life with Adelaide, sweet Adelaide. And can I just say all my fears and worries about being a parent have totally slipped away. Yes, I am sure I still do and worry about things that only “newbie” parents do and worry about, but it has been my deeply rooted fear of “I am going to totally fail at this Mum thing” fear that has faded away.

In being vulnerable with myself and anyone who may pass by this, when we found out we were pregnant I was all sorts of emotions, happy being very low on the list. It’s a rare thing, I think, to hear women say that and in a weird sense a luxury to say. So many women out there who desperately want children and can’t or who are trying to and struggling to conceive. Those women were very much at the front of my mind (along with many other things, the night we found out). Now don’t get me wrong, Graeme and I have always wanted to have kids, but for me personally, not “four years into our marriage soon”. I guess I just wanted more time just as the two of us. But like a lot of things in my life I could be dragging my feet for a while with that “more time” statement and more time then I had planned for would have passed by. So Adelaide came in her own time and not mine; which was the most perfect time.

She has brought this unique sense of joy and confidence to my life. All things that I thought would be ripped away from me upon her arrival. Yet here she is in my day to day life bringing me tenfold of both.

Sweet Adelaide, thank you for making me a Mum. You are a true highlight to each day, you make Dad and I laugh in what has been some crazy days of your short little life so far, and you have expanded my heart in a way that I will always be grateful to you and for you, the rest of my days. I love you.


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