Everyday Musings

Sunnier Days

Who would have thought you and me?
Placing one an one together
I was coaxing a broken and wounded heart
Never really taking the time to look up
My eyes captured all the sights and sounds
But never truly saw the life behind those eyes
Those deep blue ever so capturing eyes
You saw me for me
And that was all I ever wanted
Yet I walked away without a care to my name
But you didn’t let me go
You fought long and hard for your chance
So who would have thought you and me?
Because we both know it wasn’t me 🙂
But I want you to know…
I see you for who you truly are
I am no longer blinded by the wounds or the scars
No longer fearful of the pain this could cause
I see you standing before me
And I now think who couldn’t imagine you and me

One thought on “Sunnier Days”

  1. Dust Creative says:

    This is your writing, right? It’s so beautiful and breathtaking.. just like you.. <3

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