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Summer Season = Outdoor Activity Season

I have always been a girl who loves a good adventure and with summer upon us (here in the Northern Hemisphere) this rings even more true.We currently live at one of the greatest places for outdoor activities in the summer: The Orange County Performing Arts Center (it has some other cool fancy name for people who have paid a lot of money to the arts, to me it will always be OCPAC, but I digress). Not only does it have some incredible concert halls, but it has this great outdoor space to show films and even concerts taking place inside (for free I might mention!).

The other week we got to experience the “Rite of Spring”. Being a music lover my whole life, this piece is definitely in my top favorites. But to be outside, seeing the orchestra play, what felt to be up close, was a great experience!

One of my other loves of the “outdoor” summer activities are drive-in’s! These places are truly fantastic and I wish there were more of them! To see a double feature for $7 each person, from the comfort of your own car, to eating whatever snacks your heart desires, this girl is totally in her element! Fortunately for us whenever we go up to Northern California there is this beauty that we try to make a stop at if we can. It has been open since 1946 and owned by the same family the entire time!

I have to say though, one of my all time favorite summer activities is…baseball! I know baseball is typically associated with the fall season, but there is just something about being at a game during summer time that I love. It has been so fun to teach Graeme about the game and to have him get the whole “American” experience. Go Angels!

These are just a few of my favorite things about summer! Hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine!

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