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Somewhere in Between

Lately I have found myself in between a lot of things lately…in between job choices, responsibility choices, heart choices, just a lot of all around choices. And the hard part for me as I stand in the middle of all of these choices is that I can’t seem to discover any real black and white response to any of them. I was at least hoping that one would be black and white but really they are all hazy and grey. So here I am in the middle of everything and yet at the brink of so much more.

I have discovered while being here that I have to start basing choices off of “Heidi” and no one else. Over the years I have developed this tender heart and caring for others which ultimately turned into caring too much for what others thought of me. Therefore a lot of my choices became based on what others thought rather than what I believed I should do.

So begins the stretching process of making choices. Regardless if they are right or wrong I just have to start making them and discovering what unfolds. So here goes nothing!

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  1. Special K says:

    So proud of you friend:)

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