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Risk Taking

Yesterday was a lovely day in Southern California. A close friend and I adventured up to Malibu to explore the Getty Villa, it recently opened up after over a decade of renovations, and both of us had been meaning to go for quite some time. It is by far much more smaller than the Getty itself, but still quite a beautiful place to explore. 

On our way up we were talking about her latest adventure of applying to grad schools and moving to LA. She was telling me a story about a mutual friend of ours from college that had been laid off from her dream job, didn’t have a job for about 6 months, decided to move over to Ethiopia to teach. After being there for only a couple weeks (her commitment was for a year) she got an email letting her know that the man who had taken her role and his on was leaving and if she wanted the job it was hers (however they hadn’t received his actual resignation) so in faith she booked a one way ticket home believing the job would be hers. Sitting in the airport she received an email saying that he had formally resigned and the job was hers. She had a wonderful 14 hours reflecting on the fact that she had stepped out in faith and was coming home to her dream job. 

My friend and I talked about sometimes we have to make choices (for our benefit) that may in turn make our season of life a bit harder to begin with,  but ultimately the “reward” is completely worth it. My friend is at that place, where moving to LA is going to make her life a little bit harder, but in the end it is going to make what she wants that much easier. For me, I haven’t even quite begun to know what my next steps are. I know my next steps are going to take research and that no one is going to give me the answer. So, maybe this is my hard transitional season. The part that is difficult before it gets better. I am not entirely sure. 

I really enjoy feminine style movies (as some would say…chick flicks). One of my favorites to get lost in, do house work to, or just have on as I am working on a project is Under the Tuscan Sun. My life isn’t at a tragic crossroads, but its definitely at a crossroads and I am definitely having my little break down moments with family and Grae; and I couldn’t ask for better people to expose myself to in such a way. They are all so patient and understanding. Knowing that I have to figure this one out on my own and that they can’t provide the answers or the roadmap, but the support as I figure it out. 

Now begins the research and attempts at taking the hard road in order to find the good road. 

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