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Putting the Pieces Together

The image above happens to be a 1000 piece puzzle currently resting on our kitchen table. It has been there roughly 2 months now and slowly but surely we are finding pieces that match up with one another that create this spectacular view. However, even when I take the time of, oh lets say, 5 hours of searching out pieces and trying to place them together I still don’t quite finish the puzzle, which can leave me feeling quite devastated, but also gives me something to look forward to for the next day. A type of treasure hunt to find pieces that go with other pieces.

I like to use analogies that express and share my life story. Not sure many people would be too interested in my life if I just gave the boring day to day facts that make it up. And the general analogy that I think I always preferred was one that my life is like a quilt and slowly the pieces are coming together to fashion and create this great piece of artwork; but I don’t quite agree with that anymore. My life is like a puzzle. I think in some ways everything is all here, but it is putting it all together that takes time and energy. It takes different people that come along and take their section of the puzzle and invest into putting it together, sharing their perspective in my life. It takes me sometimes stewing over things for seasons only to let it go, move on, and come back to it later but with a fresh perspective.

Yup, my life is like a puzzle. A beautiful, colorful, imaginative puzzle that is invested in, poured into, and still definitely in the works of being completed.

2 thoughts on “Putting the Pieces Together”

  1. Bean says:

    I’m glad you don’t try to force the pieces together. I am guilty of trying to mash pieces together that obviously aren’t a match. I have many bent pieces but am working on repairing them so they’re ready for their mates when I find them!

    Thanks for sharing. Your quilt looks nice. I am petting it (in my mind). Because I am creepy like Elvira. 😀

  2. Dust Creative says:

    This is so poetic. You are incredible 🙂

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