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Phone Call

It was a simple phone call
But a few words
I said a few
You exchanged some others
I thought maybe the outcome would be different
I thought what you would have to say would bring a bit more of this heart to life
Yet you were stronger than I
You said what had to be said
You spoke the truth in love
It was true love you showed me in that phone call
No one has ever been willing to do that but family
We may never speak again
We may never talk as we once did
But I hope that one day I won’t have to patient anymore
And that this love will be something that I can embrace
A love that I won’t have to watch walk away
Your true love gave me a reason to grow in patience
It was a love
A Love that enabled me to stand
A Love that enabled me to rise each morning
A Love that keeps me going
I am not perfect
You knew that from the get go
You loved me enough to let me go
You loved me enough to allow me to fly
You spoke the truth
I hung up the phone in tears
I hid it well
I never wanted you to see the weak side of me
I never wanted you to see the vulnerable side of me
I sat there in that hot summers day hoping no one would see
In time I stopped crying
In time I got up and walked away
And now in this new day
Many months away
I thank you for your love

One thought on “Phone Call”

  1. stacee says:

    talking to you the other night made me realize how much i took that for granted. it is such a blessing being able to talk to someone daily, and you don’t realize it until they are gone. I realized again how blessed i was to be able to talk to you daily while you were here. and we are blessed with the honor of being able to talk to God on a daily basis too, yet we take that for granted. hmmmm…
    i love you and can’t wait to talk to you again. Can’t wait to hug you!

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