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Pauanui Equals Beauty

Said from native Kiwi’s to be one of the most beautiful places on the islands. Kris and I had a chance to go with the host family we are staying with currently in Auckland to their beach house in Pauanui. It is located about an hour and a half east of Auckland. Their house; located directly on the water. One of those places you read about in travel magazines; you look over the picture for a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath picturing yourself there…I caught myself doing this a few times, only to open my eyes to the real thing; and thanking God that I was there. Kris and I every now and again would smile and ask each other “Where are you?” the the other would respond with a smile “New Zealand”. It was as though neither of us could believe that we were here and actually doing what we set out to do.

In such a short amount of time we are both believing we are here with a purpose and that everything we are doing and each conversation has a reason behind it. The last night we had at Pauanui the LORD gave me great courage in a conversation with 4 older adults. We got into a conversation about world politics, end times, and several other deeper topics. I told Kris after the conversation that normally I would be scared out of my mind in conversations like that; as feeling a bit out numbered. But the incredible thing was that these adults who are 30+ years older than me took in everything I had to say and believed it to some extent. I know over time the LORD is going to create a boldness within me like I have never known. That even when I believe I have no words to share He will give me the right words to share. He will use me to get His point across. We serve an incredible God; who wants nothing more than His children to come to know Him, believe in Him, and live out the life He has called us to. I know for Kris and I this is just the beginning for us, but oh the places we will go, the people we will meet, the encounters we will have along this journey are bound to be some of the most fantastic we have ever had before.

You are all in my thoughts. I miss you, but know, just as I know I am supposed to be here, you are supposed to be where you are. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. They are felt and received even from many miles away.

With blessings and love,

One thought on “Pauanui Equals Beauty”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you you are supposed to be there. And it has become more evident as to the reason I stayed home and am here… can’t wait to share with you.

    I love you more than my luggage.

    Talk to you soon Friend.

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