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Its learning about patience. Now this is not to say that there are not great joys that come out of this lesson, but to be honest…patience is not one of my better giftings. Kristin and I are learning to be patient about “feeling” settled. We are discovering what it means to be patient about finding jobs. But along our lessons of patience we are getting to meet and interact with some truly incredible people. We are getting to see some incredible places. Its hard though…this lesson. I guess the hard thought for me is that just like this sunset I captured right outside of Wellington city, I know there is something incredible looming, some beautiful picture of my life and many others lives painted across the canvas. It’s hard knowing what my spirit and soul know and just having to wait…because truly there is nothing that I can do to bring it on any faster. Maybe, I need to take my own advice and just enjoy the fireworks that come with each day through this journey of mine…this beautifully painted journey.

2 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. Charlotte Harrington says:

    Heidi your words are simply amazing because they are so spirit filled. I’ve realized how blessed to know people like you, people who are spirit filled and walking with the Lord. I’m so blessed right because God has brought me back to him after such a long time apart, more than two years worth of not having God in my life. I’m so blessed right now in the trials I’m going through because I’m growing and stretching for God in a way that I never have before, not even in high school. Our God is so good! I’ve been listening to Jeremy Camp lately and one his new songs Beyond Measure has really stuck in my head and heart with what I’ve been going through. I will be praying for you and Kris. Please pray for me to seek for God, especially during this time of trial. And that I would keep this fire in me alive, that I would lean on God for his support through all that is happening in life right now…that I would trust him completely. Thank you Lord for all the blessing that you have been pouring out on me, and my other sisters in Christ. God you are so amazing! You have made me new.
    lol, anyway God bless you Heidi. May God’s joy keep you singing and dancing all your life. Talk to you soon.

  2. The Agees says:

    You never know who reads your blog…but this time it’s just me, so no worries 😉

    So I just the place. Cool pics, but could you direct me to the story that lead you to them? Or even a forwarded email so that you wouldn’t have to write the story you’ve told again and again, well, again.

    Glad to see that you’re living another adventure, J.T.


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