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Paradise Cove

Sometimes it just takes a few moments of change and a bit of fresh air to remind you the sky isn’t falling. I have been sitting in my beautiful mess for what seems to be the last fives years, it can be a little bit overwhelming as some of you gathered from my previous post, but it isn’t always like that. It takes those weeks to stir you into doing something about the funk and overwhelmingness ( I like creating words) of it all.

My form this time was getting away from what I normally do, what I am normally around, take a mini adventure…and visiting my Aunt in Glendale seemed like the perfect idea since we hadn’t seen each other since around Christmas time. I enjoy getting to spend time with her and sharing life with her. While I was growing up she was always so easy to talk to and to this day is very much still that listening ear. She is one of the few to make me laugh and lighten the mood in which I stand and ponder my thoughts.

Having no expectations for this weekend, we woke up this morning and took a drive down Malibu Canyon Road and towards PCH. It was a beautiful morning and the perfect time to go down before the afternoon beach crowds started arriving. We had breakfast near this pier below and walked down the beach for a few miles. Its a beautiful place and resembled so many places in this world that bring me to a place of letting go of what little control I think I have.

It is refreshing to find these sweet little spots of paradise and to be able to have a few moments to relish in them.

3 thoughts on “Paradise Cove”

  1. Dust Creative says:

    Gorgeous photo! I assume you took it?

  2. Kate says:

    You are the most stunning beautiful person I know Xx

  3. Bean says:

    The pier doesn’t look safe, although I’m sure it is, but the picture is LOVELY.

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