Everyday Musings

The Diabetic Mile

When I was a silly little girl I had this “dream list” of what I wanted for my partner in life, and one of top three things on it was that he would be healthy. Now, you may ask “why would that be in her top three ideal traits for her partner?” Well, when you grow up with a Mother who is sick your entire life, and half your childhood was spent in hospitals, you spend a lot of time catering to her needs – which wasn’t always a bad thing mind you, because of her illnesses I got to spend my summer’s at the beach which was better for her health – but you see the toll that takes on your parents marriage and you hope that your marriage will be a bit easier.

Everyday Musings

Time Lost


A couple of weeks back I lost this. This represents three years of my life and the week we spent searching for it, retracing my steps, calling people, business, I felt like I had a permanent hole within me.

Everyday Musings

Buy With A Purpose

A couple of weeks back Grae and I had the chance to help some friends out with a new adventure they have embarked on together. Ally is truly the one spearheading it, but I know she would say she couldn’t do any of it without Ben.

Ally and Ben both have a real heart for mission, and a big part of that call is global mission. However in this season of their lives they realize that is not what God has called them to. He has called them to have a global heart, but to be present to the missions that surround them currently on a daily basis. With that in mind Ally started developing a way to blend the two together and with that came Buy with a Purpose (BWAP).

Everyday Musings

Where Did the Weekend Go?


It was the kind of weekend where Friday arrived and before I knew it, it was Monday morning, so unfortunately not a ton of time to write, but I did happen to pass this bit of inspiration. Hope it encourages your Monday morning whatever you may be doing!

Everyday Musings

A Firework of a Weekend!

What a wonderful couple of days it has been. To be able to have a three day week and a four day weekend is always nice, like a mini holiday!

Graeme and I both finished up our Wednesdays and enjoyed our afternoon together and then got the chance to take some of our good friends to one of our favorite movie theaters. It’s the luxury kind, where the chairs recline all the way back and you can order food throughout the movie (it’s the simple fun things in life for me!). It was kick to see how excited Ally and Ben got over the whole experience; thanks again for the champagne guys, it was a great choice!

Everyday Musings

Summer Season = Outdoor Activity Season

I have always been a girl who loves a good adventure and with summer upon us (here in the Northern Hemisphere) this rings even more true.We currently live at one of the greatest places for outdoor activities in the summer: The Orange County Performing Arts Center (it has some other cool fancy name for people who have paid a lot of money to the arts, to me it will always be OCPAC, but I digress). Not only does it have some incredible concert halls, but it has this great outdoor space to show films and even concerts taking place inside (for free I might mention!).

Everyday Musings

Everyone Has Their Days

A few mornings back, I was awakened to the sound of a crow loudly squawking what seemed to be right next to our bedroom window. Without hesitation, I turned to Graeme and I said, “Everyone has their days, even the crows.”. He laughed. Apparently I make these kinds of comments pretty often. What I was trying to say was, everyone has their days where they just have to “squawk” about whatever it is they are hanging on to and then they feel that much better and are able to move forward.

Everyday Musings

Where I Come From

We bought a desk a couple of weeks back and took the time to make a few minor improvements to it (ie. cleaning it up, refinishing the top wood portion, some sanding, and a few paint touch ups) other than that it was the perfect find for having the space to write!