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Out with the Old and in With the “Kind of New”

Graeme and I are going on our third year of living in our little 700 square foot apartment together. Although my initial reaction of moving into this place was not the best, it has grown on me. We have been able to have guests stay with us, throw an occasional party or two, and even sustain a garden for the last year and a half! It has been the perfect place to start our life together.

With living in such “tight” quarters some perspective I have gained is being content with what we have and making use of other people’s treasures! We have truly gotten creative when it comes to storage and we have been diligent about getting rid of excess every three months or so; I find the feeling of letting go of our items to be more thrilling then we acquire something.

Now, with going into our third year we realize that over the next year or so Graeme’s family is going to want to come visit (for an extended period of time) and we eventually want to extend our family beyond the two of us. With those two thoughts in the back of our minds, moving into a bigger place is most likely going to happen next spring. Can you just hear my enthusasium…moving…hooray! There is a reason we have chosen to stay the last three years.

I don’t know how it works in your family, but when we have a “move” coming down the pipeline in the Swift household we are the kind of people who like to prepare WELL in advance. Donating items, maybe packing up items we know we aren’t going to use in the next 6 months, and in NO way would we buy any new furniture before moving because honestly who knows what the new place is going to look like; but there is always an exception to the rule. Right?

Let me refresh your memory, we live in a 700 square foot apartment, so we spend a lot of time in our joint dining area/living room. One major piece to the living room is our coffee table. Now starting off our life together, it was whatever I had put in storage and whatever people were willing to donate to fill our little space, since Graeme only had two boxes to his name at this point. With saying that, our beloved coffee table was a wonderful donation from dear friends. It was a standard black, fake wood, Ikea coffee table. It served its time well in our little bungalow. But to be honest, it had to go. I needed something a bit bigger that could serve as a multi function piece and being the practical person that I am I knew whatever we decided on would look great in our “new” place.

A week before I was leaving for a week-long work trip I ended up working from home most of the week. Because of all the major landscaping they were doing near our bedroom window, I decided to relocate my “office” to the living room coffee table. It was the last straw. I gave Graeme a honey do list before I left, with one of the items being:

-You have $40, go find a new coffee table.

He rose to the challenge and rose the budget, but only by $10 🙂

Here is what I meant by loving someone else’s treasure (although they may have not thought it to be a treasure, we did!)


 It was perfect! We had been talking about coffee tables for a while and between other people’s treasures and new coffee tables, nothing compared to this one! All it needed was a good sanding, which we gave it.


Then one of my favorite indoor/outdoor sealants was applied. To top it off, a fresh coat of paint for the legs.


It couldn’t have come out nicer. I think we were a bit crazy for having sanded inside our place, but I think we are finally just getting all the dust cleared away. It suits our little home and I know it will suit wherever we end up next and to just think how well it will suit as a staging/packing table for when we move!


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