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Optimist vs. Realist

I often struggle with this concept; optimism vs. reality. Countless conversations I have been having lately in my work environment leave me thinking to myself that things will possibly never change and that I might as well get used to this because for now this is how it is going to be. Back in the day I used to find myself being quite the optimist, but I took a “test” that classified me as a realist. Maybe it’s for the best that I take on this mind set. But I can’t help the thought that I would love to see change come about and not have to be doing it on my own (or what feels like I am on my own). Maybe most of who I am is a realist, but at the core of who I am, I am a true optimist.

Just my mid-afternoon thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Optimist vs. Realist”

  1. Bean says:

    In a way, I was where you are now not too long ago with my work situation.

    The frustration and anguish and bitterness was eating me alive.

    My prayers felt futile but still I prayed. And waited. And plowed forward.

    And one day, a crack in reality. I made my way toward it, through it, and ever since, things haven’t been the same. Not perfect–just different.

    I hope you find your way toward the tiny fracture in your reality.

    It gets better. Not in the way you think it will, but it does get better.

    Hang in there.

  2. Dust Creative says:

    You are a total optimist 🙂 I know it. You believe in hope and hope is optimism for something better to come.

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