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One Starfish in a Sea of Many

I woke up this morning and was sad. I was talking with a friend last night and everything that is about to take place (forgive me, I know umpteenth blog about change and what is to come…but if you keep reading it is your own fault if you are bored:)). We talked about what my last week would look like and a few things I would need her to take care of after I was gone. It began to hurt then, but this morning it was as though someone had thrown a ton of brings on me. I got up and out of bed, went into our dark living room and looked outside our sliding glass door to see that it was a perfectly foggy day. I love these days and then I surveyed the room and how many great conversations and shows I would miss. It hit… that the way I am choosing to do life or start this section of life is so different than many I am around and it made me so sad, because it is a parting of ways. I can hear my Mum even now as I type of my sadness that what I must focus on are things that are right, good, and lovely. I love my Mum no matter what season of life we may be in…I will always love her. But even when trying to focus upon the right, good, and lovely sadness still finds its way to my life. Its normal I know. Sometimes though being that starfish that finds its way to the shore is not always the easiest thing. In the “comfort” section of my life I tend to wish that I could be the starfish at the bottom of the sea on a rock, watching the sea go by, and continue on doing my starfish thing; but I am not that starfish. I am the curious one. The one that wants to take a chance despite everything screaming within her. I am sad, but I know the sadness won’t last forever…just as the night comes and goes, so does the sadness; because there are always (LORD willing) new mornings…whether foggy or sunny…always a new one!

One thought on “One Starfish in a Sea of Many”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heidi, its Ashley – Mikalas Irshi friend.
    I just wanted to say that starfish entry really hit me… thanks for sharing your heart. It feels very relevant to me right now. The curious starfish, mmm.
    Its fun reading your emai +blogg, do keep writting. Hope this time will be amazing for you both.
    love, Ax

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