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Not Always What It Seems

Now these two beautiful photos you see below were taken by my wonderful friend Stacee. Stacee is about to graduate college and move East, many miles away from California, so this was one of our last times to be able to spend some time together alone (near the ocean which we both love). As well as, to reflect, to talk about God, and to be able to have some down time for ourselves in the midst of the craziness of both our lives. We had planned a wonderful afternoon…but lets just say it seemed for myself to start off a bit on the wrong leg. My day at work had been crazy and I felt a bit unsettled. And I pretty much carried that into my evening. Not sure if Stacee felt the same, but I can say that what we both had planned did not come to pan out exactly as we had hoped. However, we got our quite time in the busyness of ruby’s on the pier and got our few moments of reflection looking at this incredible sunset! Then we got a chance to talk and share on our mile and half hike to and from the car. We shared laughs while driving through parking lots and I got to witness some of her handiwork in her own creative element. It may have not been our most “ideal” evening. But it worked and we enjoyed ourselves…at least I did 🙂 I guess the point to my ramblings is that, I make plans I have ideas of how things should be and how they should go. But sometimes I have to let go of my agendas and trust that the “plan” unseen can be far better then the plan I have created in my head.

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  1. larells says:

    Heidi…very nice blog for the day you and Stac went to the beach….missing her so much!!! Love ya, Larell

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