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Confession. I have been watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and so far each and every one has been incredibly interesting, from Steven Tyler to interviewing Hasidic Jews. I love a good story, different cultures, and getting to learn things I never knew before.
Her latest chapter was interviewing Whitney Houston’s family. I really wanted to watch this one, more for the fact to see how her daughter was coping, as much as one can see when being interviewed by Oprah. This video of Whitney caught my attention when they played a portion of it and it was an encouragement to my soul in this season of life.
Graeme and I are doing great. His first official day of his job is coming up on Friday (hooray!), we’ve decided to not move this year (another hooray! So as to have some stability for one year), and we have a lot of wonderful things on the horizon. Still there is a lot of change and a lot of choices that have to made this year as well and with that I think I get slightly overwhelmed and just want to revert to what I know versus moving forward. I guess I am more like my Dad when it comes to these kinds of seasons. I talk a great game and when I am thrust into change I can succeed, but to make the choice to change is a bit harder.
This song is a beautiful reminder that I am never alone. That I get help in making the changes and help in seeing those open doors to move forward and embracing what is next.

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