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New Zealand for the Win!

Gosh, I am so behind in the blogs I have been writing, but I am not giving up and still going to post about things that happened MONTHS ago, like the, RUGBY WORLD CUP!

Graeme being from New Zealand and myself having the heart of a kiwi we are FULL supporters of New Zealand national teams, specially the rugby national team, the All Blacks.

I love the sport in general (see here for details about the game if interested). It is a high contact, strategic, fast paced game and I just happened to get introduced to it by a pretty special and unique team, the All Blacks.

Over the course of September and October we were glued to schedules and watching not only the All Blacks games, but their “top” competitors. It was a great RWC with so many intense moments, surprises, and overall great plays! We were lucky that most of the All Blacks Games were played the morning (PST) so we got the chance to watch them live. The first few games we knew they were going to crush it, but it was the last couple of games were we saw the All Blacks come to life and play the game in the very specific and dedicated way that only they do, which ultimately resulted in their WIN of the RWC!

It’s always a bit sad when the RWC comes to an end and having to wait another four years. This year felt just a little more heavy-hearted as some of the players that I had come to learn the sport from (having watched the last 8ish years) are retiring, at least from the All Blacks. Some from the sport entirely, which good for them, it is a brutal one on the body for sure.

I just love this sport and share my love it whenever I get the chance! Thanks to my friends and family who put up with me this RWC season!

Congratulations All Blacks! If we ever move back to New Zealand – please hire me!


A few shots of the excitement in our house this season!





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