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My Journey with Hillsong

Hillsong never meant much to me. When I heard people refer to it my thoughts were, “I think I have heard some of their songs…they are based in the UK or maybe Australia…I can’t quite remember.” When I entered college I had a couple close girlfriends who knew more than I did and began to explain to me that they were based in Australia (not the UK like I had originally thought) and that they were hoping to attend their worship school sometime in the near future. Even with these little pieces of information I never really realized the vastness of who they were. With the move to New Zealand I caught a bigger glimpse of it. I think for certain things it all depends on where you are located in the world to understand how BIG (aka popular) some things are. New Zealand I think gave me far more insight to “who” Hillsong was and their vision for ministry in the world.

My world was rocked when Kristin and I had the chance to visit Australia and had the opportunity to attend their church. Had you ever shared with my 15 year old self that I would ever visit this church family I would have giggled at you (yes giggled) and walked away. But after getting a bit lost, almost missing a shuttle, there we stood. I remember feeling overwhelmed and yet anticipation grew within me that I knew this was a journey that I had to experience myself with God. My heart I think actually expanded in that 2 hour period that we were there. We met some of the most nice kind hearted people and I met with a very very tangible part of God. I am not sure I will ever be able to put it in words and maybe that is ok. This was a moment between God and one I know will never quite be duplicated.

So fast forward 2 years, I haven’t listened to much of their music recently, still hang on to remnants of that night when Kristin and I visited. But here I sit in my room, feeling miserable, “dry”, parched for something I know I have been longing for. Going through my music collection I stumble across a cd a friend made me a while back, a compilation of her favorite songs from Hillsong. I put it on. A wave of release and a breakthrough in the tension of myself swallowed me whole. I am constantly left speechless for how God can work in my life personally. The tensions that I hang onto on a daily basis that build up over the months can within a moments notice be wiped from my life and I am given a sense of peace that can not be compared to anything in this world.

I think God likes to use music in my life. It is something I have always resonated with and maybe I can “blame” my parents for since they used to play together before I was even born and then it took a pretty big role in our home life as I was growing up. Even though I can’t carry a tune and I don’t have the knack to play an instrument hearing others works of art and gifts does something for me; Hillsong and their music only adding to that.

2 thoughts on “My Journey with Hillsong”

  1. Special K says:

    I look back on that evening we spent there too… it was a special night. Thanks for letting me share it with you. God is so GOOD even when things seem messy.

  2. Kylie says:

    and HILLSONG gives you the memory of the kiwi dance.. 😉

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