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Time Has Just Flown By!


It’s interesting now reading my October blog that I had no idea the choices that would really come into our life.

Within the month we would come to discover we were expecting our little surprise baby (girl) and all the choices that we thought we would be making for our family in 2015 would be shifted to embrace this new not quite expected adventure.

It really is amazing how this year has flow by with everything involving the pregnancy, unexpected trips to see family overseas, the loss of family, the addition of others. My parents always told me that the older I got the more quickly life would go by and I never really understood that till I was standing in the middle of it.

With that acknowledgement I decided to take the longest break I have ever taken from my blog. I will never claim to be the most consistent writer, but it has continually been a wonderful outlet. For this season of my life I just wanted a chance to embrace the moments around me and take them at face value. Not trying to document or analyze them, but take them in just as they were happening. It has been a tough ten months, but a ten months that has come with many rewards, deeper relationships with those I love, and also allowed me to embrace change in a way I never have really been able to before.

This year marks a whole new chapter of our lives and I am looking forward to embracing it and all its newness and unknowns.

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