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MidNight Project

Welcome to my Friday evening of “I should do my laundry and wash my sheets.” This simple thought expanded to my roommate passing by my room and asking if I was planning on changing it up? She and I have talked about this for a year, but it meant removing a bookshelf (which I need) and losing a bit of floor space. But I have been complaining a bit more lately about how I hate making a bed that is up against the wall. So why not! And thus began my Friday night adventure!
This was just the changing the sheets picture. But already you can tell by taking a picture I was committing to writing a bit about my crazy idea!

Woohoo! Successfully moved the bed (by myself) taken the bookshelf out of my room and stored it in the garage (by myself), and successfully banged myself pretty good in the process.
Not enough space in the room therefore half the bed went into the entry way and all the extra little stuff stored away in the bathroom.
Ok now I know this is a duplicate picture below but I want you to look in the purple chair, I have about 50 DVD’s sitting in their cases there. I realized that if I was going to make this work I was going to have to suck it up and make a target run. But first I made a list so that I would only get the things I needed for this project rather than all the things I want at Target 🙂
Wall-ah! The finished project below. Target run complete and under budget. I purchased something to hold my extra DVDs and CDs as well as three larger containers for extra books I am saving for my library one day, as well as a set of new towels! I figured my bathroom needed a bit of pampering as well. Oh and the tiny little TV stand next to the bed to house a few more books that I read and write in regularly.

So at about 12:30 (Saturday morning) this was my completed project. For just coming home and wanting to change the sheets I think I did fairly well in having the energy to finish it all within a few hours!

2 thoughts on “MidNight Project”

  1. T says:

    I like the look of the new set up. it looks good

  2. Amy says:

    Looks great, want to help me arrange my place? 😀 (jk)

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