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I don’t know if this has ever happened to you were you chose something because you genuinely liked it and then all of the sudden it became the new “fad”. I can remember a couple of times this happening to me. One in particular instance was when I was in junior high and I wanted to re-do my bedroom from the red, pink, and white theme to a sunflowers with a rich royal blue accent. My Mum and I went on this grand big hunt to find sunflower items and because we couldn’t find much we ended up creating a lot of the stuff ourselves. Once the room was finished about a month later sunflowers were the new “it” item and were everywhere! My Mum liked to make the comment from then on out that I was an “it” girl. Same thing goes here (sort of)! Yes, I had seen Lord of the Rings and thought it was a beautiful country, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get the chance to move there. Well, looks as though Air New Zealand is promoting that dream to people! http://www.thematchmakingflight.com/ Quite the deal they have going! I am so interested to know the kinds of people who will be doing this! And what kind of stories will come from promoting an event like this! 🙂

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