Everyday Musings

Life and It’s Little Surpises

So I had a visitor come from New Zealand and spend three weeks with me, but after those three great adventuring weeks were over my world went into over-drive. I got on a plane the very next day for Denver, Colorado. Now some of you know my feelings for Colorado, but I will save those thoughts for another blog. So after landing, getting my rental car with an incredible GPS system, I made my way to the hotel out in Broomfield. I got settled that night, ordered room service, and slept like a log; it was wonderful.

I had left my curtains open just a tad and when my eyes adjusted the next morning I thought I saw rain pouring down (which I had expected since I had checked weather.com about 10 times before leaving California). I made my way over to the curtains to discover it was not rain, but a light snow storm…an unexpected snow storm by all. It truly was something wonderful to experience, since snow is not a common occurrence in Orange County and well I enjoy a little bit of snow here and there!

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