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Library View

I found this corner of the library when I went exploring around sometime back in college. It is an open space with a couple of chairs and power outlets (always helpful when your computer is about to die), but most of all it has windows that look out towards the ocean. Now I didn’t get a great shot, but you can see the trees and just beyond the trees is the ocean.

I love coming to this spot. It helps me relax and is situated in an environment that helps me focus, which was my whole intention today, to focus. I took my laptop, some great tunes from the boy, and situated myself in my little corner overlooking the trees and ocean and just wrote. Maybe not my greatest work, but I made the time and space to do it. I haven’t picked up my writing like this in months and I felt so out of practice but as the minutes turned into hours it came back to me. What I like about what I am currently writing is that I can just “wing it” in this draft section. Write whatever comes to my mind and put it down. It will be later on when I go through and dissect and fix details and errors.

I hate that I haven’t made any time for this in my life, but hopefully that is all about change. Because this library is situated quite closely to where I will be moving in the next few weeks and to top it off they are open till 9pm on weeknights! It was all rather exciting information for me to discover today.

So there you have it, a glimpse of my beautiful day full of writing, views, old books, and the contentedness to not be rushing off. I adore these days…

3 thoughts on “Library View”

  1. Nannette says:

    oh, how I envy you. It takes a monumental effort to find time for solitude, prayer, and writing. I’m sure you’re “not so greatest work” will be brilliant.

  2. Bean says:

    So proud of you for making time to write. 🙂 You inspire me to do the same!

  3. supercommonname says:

    Which library is this? If it’s Newport Public Library I’m so extremely jealous for that was one of my main escapes/happy places whilst at the vusc and I randomly find myself missing it. If not there, then where?
    Also…I like that you’re writing. Novel? I’ll be excited to one day read something written wonderfully by the Heidi Giac!
    Also…hi 🙂 hope life is treatin’ ya well!

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