Everyday Musings

Learning to Drive without GPS

Here we are eight weeks later and what feels like a life time ago has also flown by! I think back to those first few weeks with Grae away for work and Adelaide and I learning our way around Santa Cruz and parts of Silicon Valley, beholden to GPS to get us around and now today about to take the shorter ways home and being confident in getting around without the use of GPS or my phone.


Over the course of these days we have slowly found “our spots”, been on a few wonderful adventures, found a GREAT coffee place, and spent HEAPS of time by the sea. Adelaide and I are taking a music class together – SO much fun! And slowly but surely we are starting to make new friends. Along with finding a lot of people who are in similar situation/seasons of life to us.


Life is starting to have more light in it and no longer so stiffening, dark, and lonely. And thankfully the days are not only filled with the voice of the GPS saying “turn left here” but the voices of encouragement towards this season of life we are doing.


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