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Journey to the North

There is something to be said for having the opportunity to travel. I enjoy the packing part and figuring out what little I can bring (it is a challenge to myself), jumping in a car or catching the next plane out. I get a thrill out of seeing new places, meeting new people, having new experiences. In some ways this is probably a challenge to me as well. It challenges me not to get caught up in my own box and my own way of thinking. I have to take into account those surrounding me and what is “normal” to them.

I flew up to Washington (state) yesterday morning and have already had a wonderful visit with Kristin. We always tend to meet the most open and friendly people when we are together. We met Dale the art salesman, Weston the Starbucks employee, Sharon the friendly Washington woman all within the last 24 hours. We get a kick out of the people we meet and the stories we get to hear.

I feel a bit more refreshed getting this chance to travel and stretch my wings a bit. Living in Orange County is wonderful, but I know the heart of the matter is that I just don’t seem to fit in that type of world. I can make it work and I can excel within it (by God’s grace) but I feel suffocated in the process. I think over the years I have become a wanderer. Maybe I was this way my whole life I just so often fought it because I wanted to fit in wherever I went. Now maybe I have come to the understanding that I am never going to fit in the way the world tells me I should.

Washington is beautiful even with snow covering most of it at the current moment. Now off to visit Vancouver and see what adventures we can have up there!

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  1. anicia. says:

    I love traveling, too.
    I think I’m visiting Washington this next upcoming summer.

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