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I found this movie to be inspiring from the stand point that I often feel like Julie these days. I go to work yet when I am there I know there is more to my existence than to assist those that I am around. I have a love for the life God has given me and I am struggling to live that out on the 4th floor three desks back.

Lately, I find myself coming home and just like Julie laying on the floor but I am surrounded by papers, thoughts, and my dreams of what could be rather than, ‘a what would have been delicious meal’ 🙂 I just need to take my one solid good idea off the shelf and run with it and see what could happen instead of putting it back on the shelf and doubting that this could really go anywhere.

I am a bit more inspired just for the fact that this was based off of someone’s real life. That she had a life prior to writing and film that looks a whole lot like mine does right now. I need this kind of inspiration; kind of sets a fire under oneself to take a risk in a totally new and unknown direction.

Here’s to trying new things, taking a few more risks, “painting a few walls”, and finding out what the unexpected holds.

2 thoughts on “Inspired”

  1. Dust Creative says:

    Wow I think I need to see this movie. I’m 100% sure that given the opportunity you would rise up and chase those ideas and dreams. You don’t need to wait for the one solid idea either.. Just pick one and run with it, see how it goes 🙂

  2. Ily Hayden says:

    I like the movie too. It was funny, and gave me a boste of self confidence.

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