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Indpendence Day

It was the Fourth of July here yesterday and it is currently the Fourth of July at home. One of my favorite holidays…in the top three for sure. I think it became one of my favorite during my childhood. Most Fourth of July’s that I think back on have some of favorite memories wrapped up in them. I was usually at the beach. It would be a warm day, the town or city filled with people. I met Meg Ryan on a Fourth of July, the summer I worked in a candy store. One year I got to sit right where they were lighting the fireworks off on the beach. I used to spend all day in the sun and water, have a BBQ in the afternoon, then watch the sunset, and watch anywhere from between 2 to 8 firework shows going on! It is a special day. It has become a special place in my year. I tend to reflect on how far I have come based on the Fourth of July. In a weird way this is my New Year’s. A time of looking back on goals, a time to set new goals. I have come a long way in this last year. Much farther than I thought I would in so many ways! Regardless of where you are in the world and considering yourself an American…Happy Independence Day!

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