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I Love a Good Story

With the LOADS of time I have had to be patient and sit still in feeding Adelaide I have found myself on the hunt for enjoyable and interesting television. I have now been through several tv series and keep up with the random shows we record throughout the week, along with re-watching some of my favorite films.

This week I was looking for something a bit different. Just to change it up a bit. Being fascinated by Oprah and her whole story I looked up OWN to see what I could watch on demand and remembered she had this newish series called Masterclass. So I flicked through to see who the latest “teachers” were, Justin Timberlake and Ellen DeGeneres. Both people fascinate me and if you know anything about me I love a good back story. I enjoy knowing what make people tick.


There were some facts about both that I knew and some I didn’t. Both had different struggles they had to overcome at different points in their career. Both had highlights, but it was this quote from Justin that resonated with me: “You’re not meant to do what is easy. You’re meant to challenge yourself.” It struck me right in the chest. I think throughout my life I have been living in the middle of this quote and often finding myself come up short, except for this past year and currently.

Between having Adelaide and chasing some of our own dreams as a married couple I believe I am now living this quote and not just floating amongst it…if that makes sense. None of it is easy, but it is all challenging in the best possible ways. Adelaide is the highlight of our days. She brings joy in a way I never quite understood kids could. Chasing what we love and makes us passionate about life and people has been exciting. A lot of hard work and with many unknowns ahead, but that’s the risk you take. It’s a challenge to see where this goes and what comes about.

As an adult it is still nice to get surprised by life and to know that story that is continually unfolding.

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