Everyday Musings

Happy Birthday Dad!!

My parents have been a huge influence over my entire life, but over the last year in particular. Maybe now I am only able to grasp this reality because I am older and realize that hey, I just might not know everything. This particular thought relates mainly to my Dad.

He is a man who shares very few words, but when he does they are powerful and mean so much. He has provided for me and more my whole life. He has been there when I succeeded and fallen short. He has loved me beyond what any daughter could imagine (because believe it or not I was not always the up-standing citizen I am today).

He has given me an appreciation for music, golf, the outdoors, and most importantly God. He may not always express himself in the ways I easily receive, but there is no doubt in my mind that he loves me very much and has since the day I was born.

Happy Birthday Dad (a day late)! I love you so very much and could not have asked God for better in the department of Dad’s!

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