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Growing Confidence

New Zealand has this way of capturing your attention. I was explaining to one our house guests that New Zealand has so many places untouched and it is a fairly easy place to get around (and small enough) that it is a shame that more Kiwi’s don’t travel around their own country.
I like getting out and taking walks whenever I can, especially as of lately. Working at the hospital can take a toll on you. You sometimes forget where you are; and have done such a good job of putting up barriers and boundaries, but then you are faced with situations that remind you exactly where you are employed. My favorite walk has been up and over the hill from our place. I walk through a tunnel and come out to a place called Seatoun. Seatoun is a lovely little community looking towards the channel of water that leads to the Pacific Ocean. My favorite spot is where the channel opens up into the ocean. I walk through the sand/rock and hike up to the top of a hill. It is one of my favorite views in New Zealand/Wellington. If you stand in a certain spot you can see nothing but God’s creation.

It is in these moments where I am discovering more of my self worth, my dreams, my beauty. I have been in denial for quite some time about many of these topics and as of recently believe that I am walking into a new stance of confidence. There have been a couple situations at work where I have wanted nothing more than to drift back into those moments of denial, to forget the things that I have learned, and to allow the fear of the unknown to consume me. Yet, I serve a good and great God. I serve a God who has given me the gift of freedom, but it is my choice whether or not to walk into it and in it. I am learning. It will continue to take time and a lot more walks!
*Photo by Steph

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