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So can I put it out there that I had NO time to watch TV in college and when I occasionally had the time to sit down and watch reruns of Friends or the occasional Gilmore Girls episode I always felt a bit guilty because I knew there were a million other things I needed to be doing. So I blame this pure “enjoyment/introduction” on my Kiwi girlfriends. They ever so kindly introduced me into their culture of television, but also had a wide range of knowledge in regards to American television. I had heard about Grey’s Anatomy while at college, I know I walked into a few rooms that had it playing, but knew me and knew that once I started to watch I would be hooked. So I walked away every time. Until moving down South. Every Thursday night girls and the occasional boy would come over to my flat, explain to me all the back history, and then we would watch like a bunch of school girls/boy! I have (to my delight) found others who share in the “excitement” with me since moving back home. I even have a friend who has so kindly allowed me to borrow her seasons just as a “refresher”. I am hooked and it’s kind of annoying (said with a smile of course). To my Kiwi girls thanks 😉 and I miss you.

3 thoughts on “Grey’s”

  1. Steph says:

    Oh I am scared to start watching because from what I have seen I know I will get addicted:)

  2. Beth McDermott says:

    Long live television dramas and well written sitcoms! HIP HIP HORRAY!

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