Everyday Musings


Because I was a bit of a slacker the other week when my friend Stacee challenged me with the five-day challenge I thought I would take the time to do it here…showcasing all five days (sorry Stacee!)

August 28-

*Graeme’s surgery went well, with no complications

*Having this specific job that allows me to be home to help him recover and work on the crazy busy season ahead.

*Great dental insurance!


August 29-

*Friends who love me for exactly how I am and who I am.


*My family, no matter how crazy they might make me, because the fact is I probably make them pretty crazy too.

photo (1)

August 30-

*Tough love

*Car rides

*My growing ability to get creative in the kitchen


August 31-

*Silent moments

*Being able to run in 5 minute intervals

*Beautiful music


September 1-

*A faithful God who stands by me, even in my moments of doubt and lack of faith

*Living within a short ride of the ocean

*A husband who chooses to love me every day, especially on those days when I don’t deserve it, or just your ordinary any day. His love is a gift that I will never quite be able to express my gratitude for.


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