Everyday Musings


This is to you my friend
As of right now we are 10,000 miles away
But it should just be a million
I know I can’t rescue you
I can’t save you
I can’t make the pain go away
But I know who can
I know you know who can too
I think of you everyday
I think of that night often
I keep your note from that night close
I wish I could erase it from your reality
But the reality is friend it is yours and many others
You have never felt so alone
Your grief looks different
Your joy looks different
The way you are doing life looks different
But that is the thing friend
You are different
She knew that too
Nothing will ever replace the void you feel
But don’t give up friend
Keep going
This is not your end
The rough days will come
The joyous ones will too
But this is not your end
But a piece of your beautiful beginning

One thought on “Friend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No words… I love you Friend

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