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I had to say goodbye to a great piece of New Zealand last night. Actually she is from the states, but has been in New Zealand for the last 3 months; one of those months being able to grace me with her presence. I did not think I would have to say goodbye to anyone I was close to for quite some time, but I think I understand that little poem about people coming into our life for however long or short and making an impact; she made an impact.
New Zealand is already having a great impact on my life. I feel more myself here. Maybe it is just because I am getting the chance to start new with all the lessons I have been learning really over the last 4 years. Regardless of all the ups and downs over these last 7 weeks I have come to love New Zealand, Wellington specifically, and the people who make me fall in love with it every day. Its nice to finally find a place in the world that enables this side of me to come out. It is incredible to be in this relationship with the LORD as I daily walk this journey here. His grace daily fills me, enables me to take risks in conversations, with people, with our relationship, and more. I am learning as His daughter why I am here on this earth. I am beginning to be able to see His footprints more and more in my life than ever before. How faithful He is.

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  1. Carrie says:

    ooooh you are amazing! love ya!

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