Everyday Musings

Everyone Has Their Days

A few mornings back, I was awakened to the sound of a crow loudly squawking what seemed to be right next to our bedroom window. Without hesitation, I turned to Graeme and I said, “Everyone has their days, even the crows.”. He laughed. Apparently I make these kinds of comments pretty often. What I was trying to say was, everyone has their days where they just have to “squawk” about whatever it is they are hanging on to and then they feel that much better and are able to move forward.

There are some friends that have come into my life over the years and this is what we are to each other. There is no judgment, we just listen, allowing the speaking party to get it out and that’s it. We don’t try to fix it or blow up the situation. We just listen.

Everyone has their days when they just need that listening ear…even the crows.

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