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I think deep down under my whimsical state of being there lies a woman who is very factual and analytical. Wanting to know the way things work and why they work that way.


A couple of weekends ago we took a trip up to LA to explore the California Science Center and specifically to see the shuttle, Endeavour. There was a childlike excitement for me when it came to seeing the shuttle. I had a teacher in 4th and 5thgrade who was a big advocate of science and especially space. I remember watching a couple of shuttle launches from class and being totally fascinated by the whole process. From selecting those who would adventure out to the great unknown, their training, preparing the shuttle, the launch, and their whole adventure in space. I was reminded of how much I loved it all when we watched Gravity a couple of weeks ago. Although very terrifying to watch, there was still an awe factor for me.



The same thing happened when we walked through the doors to see Endeavor. It is probably silly to admit, but I almost cried when I saw it. This overwhelming sense of amazement struck me. This object I was looking at had traveled through and around space. It had safely carried the lives of many individuals to and from life outside our world, literally! It made over two dozen trips up and down the way it was designed to.

The other part that hit me was, that out of the six shuttles that were made there are only four left. Two very similar ones like the one I was looking at, Columbia and Challenger made it up, but never back down like when they had gone up. It was humbling a moment, remembering the lives lost and their families.

Something else I was struck by was the fact of how much we have learned and explored because of these vessels like Endeavour. We have done so much to explore and push the limits of what we do know. Graeme and I were like kids in a candy store. We couldn’t take enough photos to capture what it was we were seeing and experiencing. It was such a great little adventure and highly encourage you if you are in the area to explore it yourself!

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